Over the years, the multi-talented Hanlon-Lees have seen their share of action on the big screen. There has always been a demand for stunts, swordplay, and equestrian tricks; since such feats are a standard part of the company profile, it was only a matter of time before the Lees found themselves in the picture, so to speak. Several company members have made their mark on the cinema. H-LAT personnel have provided stunts for many theatrical and TV productions, including:

After 20 years of entortillation, it was a natural progression for the Lees to try their hand at filmmaking as well. A variety of short films - some company-funded, some the work of talented independent filmmakers - have added a bit of seasoning to the usual H-LAT diet of Renaissance Faires and Wild West shows. The Lees have also appeared in a great many TV specials and commercials at home and abroad, for clients as diverse as M&M Mars, The History Channel, Kurtis Productions, and National Amusements.

With diverse backgrounds in stuntplay and the performing arts, the Hanlon-Lees are ready, willing, and able to provide such creative elements as:
  • Performers
  • Stunt Players
  • Historical Costuming and Armaments
  • Combat Choreography
  • Equestrian Choreography
  • Art Direction/Scene Design
  • Special Effects
For more information, please drop us an e-mail, or call our home office toll-free at 1-888-404-HERO (4376).

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